Introducing Monari Fashion

What do extravagant fashion, attention to detail and the desire to act authentically and sustainably have in common? They are all united with monari . We love Monari - set accents with well thought-out details that you won't find anywhere else. Find classic and at the same time modern fashion, style yourself discreetly but extravagantly. Whether for everyday life, for the office or for festive occasions: Monari offers self-confident women of today fashion items that are second to none.

monari stands for authenticity and attention to detail!

Monari, knows that authenticity is everything. Only when you can be who you are will you really feel comfortable. Show your own self with pullovers and sweatshirts that are beyond the ordinary. Always stay true to yourself and don't bend for anything or anyone. You are perfectly dressed with blouses and shirts, blazers and vests as well as with jeans and trousers with the Monari difference. You will also find the right outfit for every occasion. At the same time, you don't have to do without anything. Monari offers subtle, soft colours, but also large prints, on flower and letter prints. Animal prints and rhinestones expand the range and leave nothing to be desired for today's self-determined woman. Show the world who you are and what you stand for.

monari takes responsibility for sustainable fashion

We know that we have to do something for tomorrow's world today. For too long, people have failed to focus on sustainability and protect resources! Monari has always been pioneers in this area and see themselves as part of society. This involves a great deal of responsibility.

A sustainability project is planned for 2020. For example, converting production to using organic cotton. Organic cotton is characterized by its natural softness, is particularly skin-friendly and well-tolerated. At the same time, it protects the environment because it is grown and processed in a well-considered crop rotation and with a significantly reduced water consumption. The preservation of natural resources is the top priority!


Flower romance collection from monari


This season, delicate prints and twisting floral designs are a blossoming trend for romantic blouses and soft t-shirts everywhere. When combined with sporty quilted jackets and glitzy embellished jeans, these create well-balanced looks with a feminine twist.

Green jacket monari flower print monari

animal print monari letter print monari


New in monari check it out

Check it out

As the weather turns cooler our clothes become more monochromatic and dramatic This season, checked patterns are at the very top of the fashion checklist. Whether they are worn as an individual piece or as part of a trendy mix of patterns, checks are easy to pair with other items and are guaranteed to give your look the wow factor. 

lady in black and white jacket

black and white top monari white top monari

 At the top of our wishlist

At the top of our wish list – the perfect stay at home outfit. Thanks to its well-matched blend of patterns in black and white, this look to end all looks make these Autumn days seem no just classy, but also pretty cool. 

monari black and white top

Let's dance shirt monari Monari black shirt SH shirt monari black and white monari jacket Monari white and black top monari floral top

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