Why Carrie Bickmore is our work from home muse

Carrie Bradshaw is best known for her playful runway looks she wore throughout the streets of Manhattan. BUT the resident risk-taker in Sex in the City was also an influencer of our stay at home outfits. As a freelance writer working out of her Upper East Side apartment, Carrie spent the bulk of her time writing her advice columns from the comfort of her home. Whilst she seemed to have it all with her brunches with her girls and shopping trips at Manolo Blahnik, the truth is Carrie wouldn’t have been able to live her lifestyle without working from home. And yes sure the 90’s Manhattan backdrop of Sex in the City is very different to the world of today where social distancing was not even a phrase yet – there is still so much inspiration to be found in Carrie's endless wardrobe!

Even for her most mundane tasks – Carrie never compromised on her personal style. Her home, work style was impeccable and she stayed true and committed her style – never dressing down not even to pick up a few things from the supermarket. And this is what we loved about her – sitting down to type her column in larger feather jacket, or hanging out on her stoop wearing stiletto boots – she was our muse wrapped in a fashion fantasy – wearing what we only dreamed of, no matter how impractical it was.

There was always a joy that came from watching Carrie dress up and kept us coming back each episode to see what she was wearing. A great outfit is a great mood booster – for the wearer and everyone around them – when you feel good and love what you are wearing it will radiate from you. Whilst it is tempting to complete every work from home moment in pj’s and uggs, Carrie’s home office style is proof that great style elevates any situation. Whether you throw on a necklace with your lounge outfit or join us in formal Fridays, a little fashion can brighten your mood.

So let's get dressed for working from home – Carrie Style!


Photo: Getty Images

80’s inspired Carrie was ahead of her time (again!) showing us that even our basic loungewear can be dressed up with a flash of shoulder and a strand of pearls!


Jumper  necklace 


Carrie sex and the city

Nows the time to declutter! Marie Kondo your life, and just like Carrie it can be done in heel and a mini dress?!?!?!


Heals short dress


On the rare occasion when we can leave the house to buy our essentials – leave the puffer at home and grab the latest on-trend jacket – houndstooth.


Gold bag


There’s nothing fun about stocking up on toilet paper and disinfectant, so take a diversion to the coffee shop for a quick cuppa and a pastry.


long skirt animal print jacket


If you must head outdoors, make sure to maintain your distance. No one is going to bother you when you’re decked out in your outfit.

 scarf Grey top


Emails, conference calls, and even Zoom meetings are always better when you’re wearing your finest.

black jacket casual shoes



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