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Who we are

The journey started with a pair of pants...

On a trip overseas I discovered a unique pair of pants, they were stylish, flattering and were amazingly comfortable.

I said to myself if I realise my dream and open a boutiquethis would be my signature item.

4 years later ODEYA has a beautiful boutique, all with his own individuality and signature items.

ODEYA is all about creating a comfortable yet edgy look.

We're renowned for our exclusive line of Rich&Raw leather jackets and Bevy Jeans. Just combine a Rich&Raw leather jacket with Bevy jeans to achieve a stunning and timeless look !!!!

We specialize in one on one customer service helping clients build their favorite outfits.

We welcome you to a genuine experience.

Vered and the Odeya team


Malvern 163 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern            03-99396440


Email: [email protected]​​​

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